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Popular Drug Testing Methods

Drug tests are so many and different in types and operation. Blood, saliva and urine samples have been commonly used in most of the tests involving drugs. The samples are taken through some kind of analysis to indicate the presence of metabolites which are main indicators of drug intake. The storage of metabolites happens in the fatty cells of the body and the growing cells. Eventually, the metabolites leached out in the bloodstream and excreted in the human urine.

It takes some period for the metabolites to stay in the body. There are some factors that affect the rate of excretion which include the level of activity and the amount of fat a person has in the body. There has been researching that has explained the presence of metabolites in the hair. Time taken for metabolites to show up in the hair is approximately five days.

No drug test has ever been found to be entirely perfect. Urinalysis is the most common and popular drug test method use today. urine kits are the devices used to test drugs in the body and have become very popular recently. One disadvantages of using the urine analysis is how easy it is to manipulate results. To eradicate the vice of manipulation, retests are done that indicate the presence of added substances in the sample. The sample is not in any way affected by the added substance in the sample. This gives a hint that the sample has been doctored.

Drinking of massive amount of water is a way used by some people to pass the drug test. The body and the urine produce a protein by the name Creatinine The protein helps to detect attempts by a person to get rid of the drug in their bodies. some companies offer free kits for drug testing for both for professional and home use. there numerous devices that are comprised in the drug kit which includes the drug test kits and other test kits. the information of the person using the free kits is not enough because they are private.

The kits are easy to carry and are useful in doing urine analysis. The results are derived for the changing strip. The absence or presence of a drug in the urine is indicated in the strip which gives the results in about two minutes. The tests only indicate the presence or absent of drugs but not the amount. The the accuracy of the kits is becoming more better due to the increased advancement and technological progress. The use of more sophisticated techniques is coming to light through laboratory use. The the most common test is the gas chromatography. They can deduce many results from a single test.