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How to Know when Stonewalling is Happening.

When a person is stonewalling then it means that they are refusing to communicate their emotions which leads to hardships in a communication. In some cases people will tend to do this out of fear while other cases it may be out of the avoidance to fights. You will find that in some cases people will also do this to avoid any cases of uncomfortable discussions from taking place.

The married couples are usually the people who are mostly affected by this kind of a behavior. There will be situations that the person in this case will tend to walk out in the middle of a discussion which will be a way into people talking to themselves. You will likely find that through this case people will hardly be able to discuss the problems they have which will be an important thing which may lead to anger and frustrations.

There are several things that show that a person is stonewalling. You will find that some people will tend to avoid discussing a topic for a given time while others just withdrawal which may take quite sometime. When you look at stonewalling you will find that it will be totally different from a person just walking out to cool off for a few minutes then come back to give their views in that case. Keep in mind that cooling off is quite important at times buy stonewalling makes the other party feel unappreciated.

Fear and frustrations are the main causes of stonewalling. When a person’s body has been through a lot of tension then it is main likely to cause that. Researchers have shown that men will tend to stonewall more than their women counterparts. When you look at this you will find that they will be able to be highly affected by the situation more than their women counterparts. You will need to remain neutral and therefore that means they will do this to avoid stressing situations.

When stonewalling you will find that a partner will feel like it will be important for them to manipulate the other person into pulling out of the conversation. It will be very bad since it leads to feel of hopelessness as well as lack of self-control in so many ways. You will find that a good number of people who do this will tend to go through divorce in so many ways. This is because if the couples are not talking then it is likely that the small problems are bound to escalate into bigger things in this case.

You may find that the couples have very little problems which can be talked away but the fact that they do not head into talking then that will lead into frustrations in so many ways. It will be important to keep in mind that besides just stonewalling this will be an act of avoiding conflicts that may easily come your way.